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8/30 - Toledo, OH @ Huntington Center (Tickets)
8/31 - Scranton, PA @ Montage Mountain Amphitheatre (Tickets)
9/12 - Puyallup, WA @ Washington State Fair** (Tickets)

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with our favorite song by the Ramones in mind, we’re teaming up with our friends at habitat for humanity to help with repairs in a community where so many homes were hit hard by hurricane sandy. this is going down this saturday, april 13th. if you want to help out, here’s your chance:

we’re looking for 20 people to join us at rockaway beach in ny and lend a hand starting at 8:15am. if you live in the area, are 18+, and want to have fun helping people in need, submit the following info: full name, birthday (month, day year), current city you live in to  If you’re not 18+, please do not email in.  If chosen, you will be notified tomorrow by 12pm EST and you will need to show i.d. on Saturday morning.  

oh and the one and only Marky Ramone will be stopping by to serve his world famous pasta sauce for lunch…and who knows, maybe we’ll have a “rockaway beach" singalong when we’re out there.

we’re hitching a ride to rockaway beach.


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    I wish I lived in NY right now.
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